Why sell your property online?

Harmony Homes in Ballynahinch

31st May 2021



The selling of a property can be an emotional roller-coaster, however a good agency can be crucial to reducing stress levels when selling your property. 99% of property sales are completed with sellers using estate agents, after all, it's estate agents that are expert in the selling of property, not the owner. And presently 99% of sales occur through on line home purchase investigations and not by visitations to high street premises.


This is why using a sales specific agency who is not concerned or side tracked with office administration duties is best for your home sale, they are fully focused on the products they have to offer for sale.


Because on line specific agencies have no large outlay in rent /rates, wages and other associated overheads with the other high street agents, you are virtually guaranteed a lower commission charge when it comes to selling. And this should be a major deciding factor when deciding which agency to go with, because as stated in reason 1, it is the website presence in today's modern age that is selling homes, therefore it is irrelevant which agent places your home on those websites. This cost saving to you could allow you to pay much needed expenses for your move rather than assist on the high street agents personal business outlays.


With an online estate agent you get access to the whole buyer pool - Harmony Homes advertise on all the leading property portals like putting your property in front of millions of potential buyers every month, there are few if any high street estate agents who can offer the same coverage, thus they rely largely on local advertising and passing trade. They also will sell generally within their own office area radius, on-line agents such as Harmony Homes covers further ground e.g. we sold a full phase two development in Co. Fermanagh and yet we are or were never near this location of properties. Remember buyers can find your property anywhere in the world online 24 hours a day 365 days a year.


So, we've assessed both the cost and the marketing aspects of using an online agent. But what about another key advantage - flexibility? When it comes down to it, an online alternatives really are the kings of convenience for a number of reasons. From the beginning of the process to your property being on a display and accessible to view by buyers can take as little as 24 hours on the web. However, contrast this with a high street store that may take as long as two weeks to place your property on the market and you realise that a lot of valuable time has been missed. Maybe your ideal buyer has now gone somewhere else… Either way, shortening the process will pay dividends.

As well as the quicker process, buyers can enquire and book a viewing for your home at any time, day or night. They don't have to rely on the high street agent being open, or turning up only to find it closed for lunch and going elsewhere. As well as being convenient from the buyer's perspective, you can organise all of this without leaving the comfort of your home, and a lot of websites also offer options to view stats, such as how many hits your property has.


Internet based agents may be newer to the game, we are established since 2007 but it doesn't mean we or they are second best. As discussed, they offer many advantages over the traditional high street agents and can save you time and money. If you're thinking of selling, just think… within 24 hours buyers could be queuing up to view your home and make an attractive offer and save you thousands at the same time.

The revolution is happening. It is estimated that within the next twenty years the high street agent will be as uncommon as a snow leopard with only the ones who refuse to adapt and change remaining hanging on by their fingernails. So presently the general public is urged to seek out the new and evolving alternative, thus proving the facts correct that high street agencies are dying and by for once allowing the seller choice and commission negotiation skills never before afforded to them.


We have an exceptional proven track record in sales and lettings with what the public would deem our high street competitors, with many hundreds of satisfied customers. Indeed in many monthly reports supplied by the property sales portals that the public homes go onto we have out shone them.